They kept a film diary

Playlist: Youth

Film log kept by participants of the Erasmus Intensive programme 20-31 January 2014. For two weeks some 60 international master students and faculty members met at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen for an intensive programme in Intercultural competence.
The movie was made possible through an Erasmus grant

Project details

  • Status Released
  • Release 2014
  • Client The International Business School of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen in cooperation with Anglia Ruskin University (UK)The Geert Hofstede Consortium = The School of Communication, Media and IT of the Hanze University, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), IULM University (Italy) and Vilnius University (Lithuania).
  • Language English
  • Length 12 minutes
  • Crew Osi Otsemobor — FilmerTaisiya Kostenko — FilmerMarcel Siegmund — Supervisor/editor

Behind the scenes