Embracing Uncertainty

Playlist: Documentary

A portrait of Loes Damhof during the turbulent year in which she was Dutch National Lecturer of the Year. Together with Unesco, she developed Futures Literacy Knowledge Labs. Loes: Life and learning are driven by curiosity and purpose, but also courage. We explore the unexplored and take personal and intellectual risks. By deciding we want to live and learn, we decide to embrace uncertainty.

Project details

  • Status Released
  • Release December 2017
  • Client Loes Damhof, GH Consortium, Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Language English
  • Length 35 minutes
  • Crew Marcel Siegmund — Director / editorMaarten Schellekens — Director of photographyJoep Schellekens — Camera assistentMenno van den Berg — SoundToon Plasman — ComposerIekje Smit — Production / Scritpwriter
  • Editorial committee Marcel Siegmund, Iekje Smit

Behind the scenes