Proof of the Pudding

Proof of the Pudding tells the story of a Raak MKB project, a project bu the Centre of Research and Innovation – Entrepreneurship – focused on developing innovative marketing instruments for SME’s in the Northern part of the Netherlands.The movie will give an impression of the project by following on a number of companies, researchers and professors involved in one of the cases.
Status in production
Release April 2018
Client Centre of Research and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Language English
Length 5 minutes
Crew Marcel Siegmund (director/editor), Maarten Schellekens (camera), Menno van den Berg (sound), Toon Plasman (musical score), Martin Kers (graphics) Iekje Smit (producer)
Editorial committee Marcel Siegmund, Iekje Smit, Erk Kostelijk