Jongeren en Liefde (Young and in Love)

Jongeren over  Liefde (Young and in Love)

Jongeren over   Liefde (Youth & Love) is a first portrait in a series about   love and sexuality. It portrays two young women who share their   experience and ideas about love, relations and sex. This portrait will be   part of a documentary about relationships and sexuality in our changing   society, Sexuality NOW.
Status Complete
Première September 20   2013 during the Film by the Sea festival
Client Take   Care TV in association with Stichting Arduin and GGD-Zeeland
 Language  Dutch
Length 15 minutes
Crew Marcel Siegmund (director/editor), Maarten Schellekens (camera), Kees van Gool (sound), Carolien van Maaswaal (production), Rob Vermijs (producer/Interviewer)Toon Plasman (musical score)
Production committee Rob Vermijs (Take Care TV), Marcel   Siegmund (Siegmund Audiovisuele Produkties), Iekje Smit.
Editorial   committee Leo Meyaard, (GGD-Zeeland) Marjan Roling   (Stichting Arduin), Dick Voorhoeve, (Stichting Arduin) Rob Vermijs (Take Care   TV), Marcel Siegmund (Siegmund Audiovisuele Produkties)
Funded by GGD-Zeeland, Stichting Arduin