An Engineer’s Odyssey


An Engineer’s Odyssey

The documentary is a personal portrait of Geert Hofstede. In it he tells us about his personal and professional life and reflects on the relationship between the two. 
Status Complete
Première September 11th 2014(for sponsors and participants)May 2015 – General public (Openingsfilm SIETAR European conference, Valencia, Spain)
Language English  
Client Hofstede Consortium in association with ITIM International and SIETAR Nederland
  70 minute documentary
Crew Marcel Siegmund (story/director/editor), Maarten Schellekens & Arjen de Witt (Camera), Kees van Gool & Olivier Nijs (sound), Carolien van Maaswaal (graphics), Toon Plasman (musical score) Pepijn Klijs(Color correction & DCP) Cristina Huré & Carolien van Maaswaal (production assistence), Iekje Smit (Story/Research/Interviews)
Editorial   committee Jacqueline Franssens (SIETAR NL) Celia Zanin (ITIM International), Iekje Smit (GH   Consortium), Marcel Siegmund (Siegmund Audiovisuele Produkties)
Funded by Geert Hofstede Consortium, >Itim International, Sietar Nederland, Sietar Europe, Hanze  University of Applied Sciences, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), IULM University, Milano, Italy, Vilnius University, Lithuania, ITAP International, IACCP International   Association of Cross Cultural Psychology, IBM, De Vonk Advies, Twist Consulting Group, MDB Group,  Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza & Jussara Nunes Pereira de Souza, Hein Schreuder, Snow Culture & Communication, RusProject, DCMA Consultancy, SWEDECHRIS AB, Luz azul Trainingen, advies & coaching,OdaT Interculturele Communicatie, University of Maastricht, Jan Roelof Abbring,Academy of International Business (AIB) The Intercultural Institute of the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).
With the support of University of Tartu, Estonia, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

premiereDe Premiere in het Groninger Forum


Geert Hofstede and Iekje Smit by Pepijn van den Broeke


The last interview with Geert in Kasteel Rosendael by Pepijn van den Broeke


Marcel Siegmund directing by Pepijn van den Broeke


Director Marcel Siegmund and Iekje Smit discussing their interview questions by Pepijn van den Broeke



Cristina Huré interviewing Geert Hofstede for her thesis by Pepijn van den Broeke


The crew outside, Marcel Siegmund, Kees van Gool, Maarten Schellekens and Cristina Huré by Pepijn van den Broeke


Maaike Hofstede and Iekje Smit by Pepijn van den Broeke


Interview with Maaike Hofstede outside by Pepijn van den Broeke


Kees van Gool, Carolien van Maaswaal, Cristina Huré, Marcel Siegmund, Geert Hofstede, Maarten Schellekens and Iekje Smit by Pepijn van den Broeke



Geert Hofstede on his way to the interview venue, Kasteel Rosendael

Hofstede and his wife

Geert and Maaike Hofstede at home with Iekje Smit

Geert Hofstede

Getting ready for shooting the interviews


Kees van Gool, Marcel Siegmund and Maarten Schellekens 


Soundman, cameraman and the director

Geert Hofstede and Christina

Geert Hofstede with a special present for production assistent Cristina Huré, a translated copy of Cultures and Organizations in her native tongue, Romanian. Cristina is a master student of International Communication.