Success is a plural word, Grace Omondi

Success is a plural word, Grace  Omondi

Portrait of Grace Omondi   from Kenya. Grace is filmed in Kenya during her work as communication specialist   at ASHC, Cabi Africa: Realizing   in-country communication strategies for partners across Africa through   stakeholder engagement to produce communication products on integrated soil   fertility management, in ASHC focus countries. Coming back to her alma mater in Groningen, Grace will be inducted into   the Walk of Fame of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences for her academic   work, for which she has received the Eurpera Award for best master thesis. She   tells her story of her drives and ambitions.
Status In production
Première July 2014
Language English
Length 5 minutes
Client Hanze University of Applied   Sciences, Marketing & Communication Dept, School of Communication, Media   & IT
Crew Kenya crew: Florien Offergelt (interviewer), Esmee Zwart (camera & sound), Yorick Altena (camera & sound)Groningen crew: Kees van Gool (sound), Arjen de Wit (camera), Iekje Smit (interviewer)Marcel Siegmund (director/editor),Carolien van Maaswaal (graphics),Toon Plasman (muziek)
Editorial    committee Marcel Siegmund, Iekje Smit
Grace Omondi's "star is being unveild during te Walk of Fame Ceremony on May 14th 2014.

Grace Omondi’s “star is being unveild during te Walk of Fame Ceremony on May 14th 2014.


Crew capturing the moment.

Crew capturing the moment.