Future Literacy – Embracing Uncertainty

Future Literacy

Loes Damhof was voted Dutch Lecturer of the year 2016.As such she is the recipient of the first Comenius Scholarship, presented to her by the Dutch government. This award offers her the possibility to develop innovative education according to her vision on education. She has chosen Future Literacy as focus. The personal story of the development of the Future Literacy Project as part of the MIC curriculum as told by Loes Damhof, project initiator and recipient of the lecturer of the year award 2016
Status In production
Première October 2017
Language English
Length 5-10 minutes
Client Loes Damhof, GH Consortium, Hanze Unveristy of Applied Sciences
Crew Maarten Schellekens (camera) Joep Schellekens (camera assistentie), Menno van den Berg (sound), Marcel Siegmund (director/editor), Toon Plasman (muziek), Iekje Smit (production)
Editorial  committee Marcel Siegmund, Iekje Smit, Loes Damhof

Loes Damhof en Astrid Berg in gesprek Maarten Schellekens ter voorbereiding van de opnames