A 5 minute impression   of the student contribution to the Care4Kenya project of the Hanze Centre for   Development Cooperation.

With the fundraising Care4Kenya ‘Care4Kenya –   building health care education’  the   Centre helps build a sustainable campus for vocational health care study   programmes in Mtwapa, Kenya. Mtwapa is 15 kilometres north of Mombasa. The   aim of the project is to set up a vocational training institute for health   care study programmes near Kenya’s second largest city, Mombassa, called the   North Coast Medical Training College. The land has been bought, the programme   has been accredited and arrangements have been made to accommodate the first   group of students. However, we are still aiming for a campus with a training   institute and a clinic where students can do their work placements and   receive a professional coaching.In September 2012 the first 50   students ‘Clinical Officers’ started their studies. Now it is time to start   with the second phase of the project: continuing to build a campus with a   school, accommodation for students and a clinic where students can do their   work placements. The framework of the school is up and the school is waiting   for further funds to be finished. The next step is building the clinic and   the accommodation for students and visiting lecturers.In the anniversary year Hanze UAS   will continue to build the campus in Kenya..

Status In production
Première January 2014
Language English
Client Hanze University Foundation
 Length 5 minute documentary
Crew Marcel Siegmund (producer/Director), Maarten   Schellekens & Arjen de Witt (Camera), Kees van Gool (sound), Toon Plasman (music), Carolien van Maaswaal (graphics), Iekje Smit (Production)
Editorial   committee Linda Maat (Hanze Centre for Development Cooperation), Iekje   Smit (GH   Consortium), Marcel Siegmund (Siegmund Audiovisuele   Produkties)
 With the support of  Hanze University Foundation, Expertise Centre Healthy Aging, School of Communication, Media & IT.

Kees van Gool, Arjen de Wit en Marcel Siegmund setting up


The Care4Kenya team


Ana and May, part of the Care4Kenya team at work during the Health Battle


Getting a bird’s eye view


The director’s check