Aletta Jacobs

Aletta Jacobs – Trip around the world
The documentary retraces the trip around the world made by Aletta Jacobs 100 years ago to compare our observations to the observations made by Aletta Jacobs about controversial issues such as the position of women in politics, health issues, labors conditions, modern day slavery, relationship between men and women.Aletta Jacobs was the Netherlands’ first woman doctor and pioneer for emancipation.
Status Pre-production
Première  2015
Language English
Client Aletta Jacobs Foundation in association with the University of Groningen
Format Per country, a 50 minute documentary production focused on one specific theme
Production committee Aaja Weert & Iekje Smit (Aletta Jacobs Foundation), Mineke Bosch (University of Groningen), Marcel Siegmund (Siegmund Audiovisuele Produkties)
Crew  Marcel Siegmund (director) tbmk
Editorial committee Chair: Mineke BoschAn editorial committee will be established by country, through participating universities.
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