Below a number of recent clients…many of the films made for these clients can de found in my portfolio or you tube channel.

Dordrecht – Dienst Gezondheid & Jeugd ZZH

The Dienst Gezondheid en Jeugd (Health & Youth Service) strives to develop, improve and support a healthy life and life style for the citizens of the municipality of Dordrecht, The Netherlands


The European Public Relations, Education and Research Association is a major European network of academics, educators and professionals aiming at stimulating and promoting innovative knowledge and practices of public relations education and research in Europe.EUPRERA cooperates with the most prominent PR associations, scientific journals and practitioners coming from different countries.


T-Mobile is a major provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services with branches around the world.

Omrop Fryslân

 Omrop Fryslân is the regional Radio & TV broadcaster of Friesland. It has a strong market of significance for the Frisian community and it strengthens its media culture and community. The mission of Omrop Fryslân is to be the leading broadcaster of Fryslân, serving the Frysian community.Fryslân is one of the provinces of the Netherlands.

SAIL Project

The SAIL project is an Interreg IVB Northsea Region Project with 17 partners in 7 European countries.SAIL aims to develop innovative, effective and efficient, sustainable transnational sailing solutions using less, or even no fossil fuels, bearing in mind future rising oil prices, climate change and logistic problems. SAIL thus contributes to other goals of other organizations.

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

The Shanghai International Studies University was founded in 1949 with a “mission to “introduce the rest of the world to China” and “present China globally”, SISU has won an unparalleled reputation in China’s linguistic research and diplomatic studies.”  The university is also dedicated to promoting the development of social sciences in China. SISU is a “Project 211″ university, making it one of China’s top 100 universities, with 33 master and 12 doctoral programs.

Hanze University Foundation

The Hanze University Foundation is an independent foundation affiliated  with the Hanze University of applied sciences, Groningen, which appeals to the social involvement of employees, students, alumni and companies in the region. The Foundation focuses on providing vocational education to young people in developing

Happy Hippo Foundation

The Happy Hippo foundation aims to provide good birthday celebrations for children in the city of Breda. Birthday boxes are filled with all the attributes for a fun birthday. These are children of families supported by the food bank.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, is the largest knowledge institute in the north of the Netherlands, offering more than 90 degree bachelor and master level programmes to some 25 thousand students. It’s 6 centres of applied research and innovation focus mainly on issues concerning Energy & Sustainability, Healthy Aging and

Geldersch Lanschap & Kasteelen

Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen believes that nature and culture are interlinked. That is why we apply two clear principles: •    We manage and repair the landscape and its biodiversity. •    We reunite the country houses and their surroundings in as far as possible. As a result of this integrated way of managing houses, gardens, landscapes, and nature, your environment becomes a little more 

Geert Hofstede Consortium

The consortium consists of Schools/Faculties of Communication, covering Europe geographically (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands). All of the members are frontrunners in the field of international communication and see the creation of this program as the next step in the internationalization of their program.Our European consortium of universities has been relying on Marcel’s film talent for a few years now, to our great satisfaction. He is able to tell our story the way we want we want it told, from a personal perspective and with strong imagery. The films he has made for us are a joy to watch and have greatly contributed to the quality of our

Honingraad Breda

The Honingraad is a walk in consultation and support house for cancer patients and their families and friends. The Honingraad offers people a place to speak openly about their illness, about their grief and joy. It is a source of information and togetherness. People are invited to participate in creative and physical

Stichting “De Stalvrienden”

The Stalvrienden Foundation offers physically and mentally challenged people the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding. This includes horseback riding for recreational and therapeutically

Take Care TV

Take Care TV is a foundation that initiates communication campaigns on range of health related issues. It brings together health care organizations, patient organizations and local governments for the for television bpurpose of creating conceptsased information

De Voedselbank

The Food Bank is a charitable volunteer run organization that provides daily groceries for those who temporarily do not have the necessary financial means.  The goods are donated to the food bank by companies and private persons and have no economical