We develop and produce films that contribute

  • to societal dialogue by translating abstract issues into down to earth personal stories of directly involved people
  • to conveying the corporate narrative to a diverse audience of stakeholders
  • to the support of nonprofit and volunteer organizations within civil society
  • to the professional development of young filmmakers


Filmmaking is as a collective process. Our approach is based on client involvement at different stages of production.

  • Preproduction: Together with the client we establish the concept of the film. A film plan is written that may include goal and target audience, content, format, technical specifications, organization, dissemination, crew, timeline and budget.
  • Production: ¬†during the production phase the client is invited on the set.
  • Post production:
    • First cut is presented to the client for input and feedback.
    • Final cut is presented for approval.
    • Finances