We are able to cater to the film needs of a broad variety of clients
thanks to our expertise, personal approach and complete service package.

Our expertise

With our roots in social filmmaking, our strength lies in capturing and conveying people’s story in such a way that it moves the heart and entices the eyes and ears.

That is only possible through professional competence with personal dedication and in developing the film in close cooperation with the client to ensure that the film exceeds expectations in hitting the right nerve.

We develop and produce films that contribute to societal dialogue by translating abstract issues into down to earth personal stories of directly involved people, to conveying the corporate narrative to a diverse audience of stakeholders, to the support of nonprofit and volunteer organisations within civil society, to the professional development of young filmmakers.

Our approach

Filmmaking is as a collective process. Our approach is based on client involvement at different stages of production.

PreproductionTogether with the client we establish the concept of the film. A film plan is written that may include goal and target audience, content, format, technical specifications, organisation, dissemination, crew, timeline and budget.

ProductionDuring the production phase the client is invited on the set.

Post productionThe first cut is presented to the client for input and feedback.
Final cut is presented for approval.



Our services

 A comprehensive service package…from the concept to completion.

  • Story Concept development
  • Film plan
  • Scriptwriting
  • Film direction
  • Interviews
  • Original musical score
  • Visualisations, animations and graphics
  • Editing
  • Images FCP v7.0.3 editing
  • HD Monitoring
  • Mastering in all formats
  • Audio facilites Post production Pro Tools HD 10
  • iZotope RX 5
  • Sonnox restoration software
  • Genelec monitoring
  • Mixing & mastering to 2.0 or 5.1
  • Voice-over recording (off-camera commentary)
  • Synchronization of sound and images

Our clients

SAP film